Humanity versus The Corporation


As a matter of urgent concern, we, as whomsoever will commit to undersign to act as representatives of humanity and as guardians of planet Earth and future generations of life, humbly and righteously, request that the UK Supreme Court, the International Criminal Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations, convene via a 'Universal Law Summit', to be held under auspices of addressing a global emergency on behalf of protecting & defending Human Interest, to consider our case as presented herein.

Aside from specific articles and documents, a portion of evidence is presented via video-record of both historical and present-day facts & events, all of which, are presented on conclusion of this Position Statement.

We submit that our species and our planet are presently facing an existential threat via the ambitions and agendas devised by a mere handful of ultra-rich, super-privileged people, the majority of whom, were born into immense wealth and with instant access to the footholds of every office of power on Earth. They consider themselves an 'elite' and operate with impunity to the degree, they sit above the law of every nation and many of their families having done so, as a collective-economic-political-consciousness, for centuries. The full extent of the damages this 'elitist' consciousness has inflicted to date, are far worse than most could yet imagine [1].

Time after time and as evidenced in past and recent history, elitist interests have conspired to plot against human welfare toward furthering their own often criminal, objectives; the false-flag is an old yet still successful strategy alongside instigating divisions and fear among the populous; when peace is no longer profitable or else, powers are limited, war promises greater riches and increased levels of power [2].

We submit that a war is being waged against humanity and its artillery in Western nations, is finance & economy, politics & propaganda, social-engineering & psychological-attack, all on behalf of protecting and servicing a self-appointed elite, who fear the prospect of being compelled to account for their crimes as the evidence mounts against them and more and more people are asking 'uncomfortable' questions [3].

Currently, said 'elite' are embarking on their proposed 'Great Reset' via the 'crisis' of a 'novel-coronavirus'/Covid-19 - a beneficial crisis manufactured it appears, for the explicit purpose of establishing their desired "new-normal" for every human on Earth. This new-normal includes vaccinating 7 billion people with experimental, novel, biotechnology as proposed by one of their lead spokespersons, Mr Bill Gates - a computer software salesman, who belongs on trial for his involvement in severe injuries and deaths inflicted via his 'Gates Foundation' in Africa & India but instead, he remains at liberty to profit from Covid, the recession and lockdown losses and appropriate to himself, over 200,000 acres of America's farmlands [4].

Considering that by today, we are fully aware that e.g. Polio vaccines are causing more Polio than the wild virus and, that the various vaccine-adjuvants such as mercury, peanut oil, and aluminum, are strongly implicated in triggering severe allergies, autism and other behavioral problems in children, how is it possible to ignore risks associated with brand-new bio-engineered, nano-tech 'tools' developed by the same 'Big-Pharma' corporations [5]?

Minus any liability for injuries, where is the incentive for Bill Gates etc, to be sure their products are actually safe?

Already, millions have submitted to receiving experimental, genetically-modified & modifying vaccines under duress of fear or else, are persuaded via promises of reward and/or relentless propaganda. The push to get every individual vaccinated includes censorship against all facts and information which may influence the public to the extent, they choose not to receive the proposed vaccines and/or may instead, resist the Covid mandates of masks, social-distancing, lockdowns etc.

Those asking questions among more informed members of the public, many of whom have been moved to mass protests in many nations, are being presented by the corporate-media as 'far-right-extremists' and with the suspected psy-op Q-Anon, appropriating an 'anti-Covid' narrative as a form of controlled opposition designed to negate facts and information as 'Fake News' and also, to confuse and strengthen social divides.

Of special concern is the plan now, to vaccinate also, children as young as 6 months old, regardless of top-expert concerns related to resulting developmental problems which, among known, short-term risks, include long-term risks of cancer, infertility, and birth defects for future generations.

UK NHS and government are perfectly at ease to place children (at an officially identified Covid-risk of 0.001%), at a much higher risk via experimental vaccines which, will do absolutely nothing to improve their health being as the vaccine manufacturers, have stated their product will not prevent either infection or transmission, apparently, it will only lessen symptoms.

Since children are by an overwhelming majority, A-symptomatic or displaying very mild symptoms, where is the sense in subjecting them to experimental, alleged 'symptom-reducing' vaccines, unless, the Covid-vaccination drive is a cover for other lawfully-suspected insidious agendas toward e.g. Depopulation and/or programming the young psychologically, to obediently and unquestioningly submit to orders within the corporatized 'new-normal' for the rest of their lives [6]?

We submit that all of the Covid-mandates and in particular, the experimental vaccines, are inherently damaging to humanity both physically & psychologically, and ultimately, to the life of our planet in terms of elitist plans for their Great Reset which includes, subjecting humanity to strict control under Artificial Intelligence via a 5G control-grid (a technology already proven to be damaging to humans, wildlife, plants & insects), with plans for an AI global data-hub to be centralized in Israel [7].

Within present Covid narratives, as espoused by various governments and their corporately controlled media, facts are an unwelcome presence e.g. UK gov't and NHS etc, have been listing Covid-19 as 'cause' of death regardless of the actual cause of death, simply because the deceased had tested C-19-positive within 28 days (previously 60) of death or, if they were suspected of being infected with C-19 at time of their death due to cancer etc. However, when it comes to deaths and other injuries sustained within 28 days of receiving experimental, unlicensed Covid vaccines, same gov't & NHS claim the vaccine is not responsible and are simply due to general illnesses as anticipated within the population each year [8].

Anyone sharing evidence citing facts about the 95% false-positive PCR tests or else, known risks or negative post-Covid-vaccine outcomes, on social media i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube etc, are systematically censored as fake-news and judged a 'danger' to public-health.

Long established and trusted alternative news providers such as e.g. 'The Corbett Report', who are known to accurately interpret and source all the information they share, are having their Paypal & Patreon accounts cancelled on grounds they're 'endangering public health'. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Go-Fund-Me, Patreon etc, are acting as a unified force on side of corporate-agendas which clearly, are dependent on half-truths, propaganda, disinformation, xenophobia, outright lies and a globally ratified 'covid-police-state' in every nation.

In reality, it is the censorship of public experience, professional knowledge and valid, expert opinion, that is dangerous when the official narratives are in favour of corporate-enterprise seeking greater profits and greater control over humanity and our planet at behest of elitist-interests who, are known to have severely harmed both humanity and our planet under cover of censorship and secrecy i.e. Julian Assange is a prime example of the increasingly brutal levels of attack against those exposing 'high-profile' crimes.

Assange is currently exposing how war criminals have power to completely ignore their own crimes and instead, focus on the plaintiff as 'criminal'. Neither can we forget the corporate-state murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa, after he publicly confronted Shell on issue of their terrible pollution in Africa [9].

The only difference between now and what was happening in Africa in the 1990's, is that the same policies are presently applicable in Western societies too. The same applies in relation to the situation in Palestine, as nations like Britain face the very real prospect of military 'Covid-checkpoints' and isolated locked-down cities.

Otherwise law-abiding, peaceful citizens, are suffering often, violent arrests for breaking social-distancing rules or not wearing a mask and this, despite the fact that viral protection via a mask, is far outweighed by the health risks associated with wearing masks. Meanwhile, Covid-19 is maliciously employed to deny healthcare to people suffering other ailments; on pretext that hospitals will to be inundated with Covid patients, life-saving tests, treatments and operations are suspended and 'Do-Not-Resuscitate notices, handed out to the elderly [10].

Already, prominent UK news-providers such as 'The Guardian', are promoting the idea that people unwilling to submit themselves or their children, as participants in experimental, genetic-therapy trials, are 'anti-vaxxers' who need to be 'punished' i.e. We should be looking forward to 'vaccine-apartheid' and assume that the poor, Jews, Muslims and people of colour are all unvaccinated and thus, feel justified to practice discrimination by e.g. 'Refusing to sit next to them on a bus'.

At every stage of the Covid narrative, we find fraud, fiction and ignorance, i.e. No one appears much bothered by the results of a joint UK-China study on 10 million people, that A-symptomatics, do not spread the C-19 virus.

Despite being no longer listed as a 'High Consequence Infectious Disease' from mid-March 2020, nonetheless, UK PM and London's Imperial College pushed ahead in accordance with the global, corporately-endorsed programme of Covid-lockdowns etc. Even after a year of steep increases in unemployment, bankruptcies, ill-health, non-Covid-deaths, domestic violence, depression, child abuse and suicides - with a 100% rise in suicides among children -the agenda continues relentlessly with alleged 'new mutations' now added into the mix [11].

While Britain's allegedly free-press focused on how many lives Mr Johnson PM might have 'saved' if only he'd locked down a few weeks earlier (and exact same media narratives playing out in America and other nations), experts and educated members of the public were being ridiculed by the BBC etc, as "Covidiots" for e.g. Pointing out that the PCR test results are a fraud being used to falsely bump-up Covid 'cases' and justify more lockdowns. In face of the ever-mounting evidence supporting the "Covidiots" misgivings about PCR tests, UK Gov' has now had to update its website to explain that positive-PCR tests are not reliable.

Doubtless, UK government will not be apologizing for cancelling 2020 Christmas family gatherings, on strength of the faulty PCR test results. We strongly suspect that this sudden change of direction in regard to PCR tests, has nothing to do with anyone finally accepting the facts but instead, is being deployed as a strategy, to bring cases down in order to make it appear that the vaccine/biotech-therapy, is working and probably, to same ends, they are now using lateral-flow tests which are known to give false negatives [12].

The evidence shows conclusively, that we are dealing with a union of elitist interests following a plan and operating via their various corporations and subsidiaries, with each corporation legally recognized as a 'person' with 'human' rights. These corporations are beneficiaries of blanket, positive-discrimination within an economic system that is entirely corrupt and was established & financed primarily, via a variety of largely, UK Crown-controlled territories cited as 'Tax-Havens' i.e. Criminal lands operating beyond the jurisdiction of national and international law [13].

The prime purpose of the Tax Haven is to protect & defend the interests of their clients & benefactors - many of whom are engaged in crime and rely on Tax Havens to launder their loot. The only 'crime' they fear is any attempt to undermine or challenge their powers of control over every nation and government; through finance and leverage, they control media, politics, religion, military, police, education, healthcare, housing, farming, transport and virtually every social-service.

Just because America decided that a Corporation is a legal 'person', this does not mean that judgement is fair or accurate. What choice have other nations had toward supporting that decision? If corporations are truly, a 'person' then why do they expect to avoid arrest and trial for their crimes [14]?

As the degenerate-corporate-economy once again, predictably collapses down to Earth, it seems the elite have prepared for themselves, a 'Covid-Bubble' to generate and justify the printing of £trillions in cash and keep them afloat selling masks, vaccines, and mobile Apps, while their puppet-politicians, many of whom have direct financial connections and interests in the Covid-profits, are granted powers to kidnap, torture, rape & kill with impunity and deny not only the public's right to protest but even, the right to raise our voice in public or criticize the government [15].

Under banner of the World Health Organization/WHO, the global-elite/'globalists' orchestrate the roll-out of their worldwide 'event' that is 'Covid-19' - a mass-distraction amid erasure of Human Rights, Common Law, Jobs, Independent Business, Nationalised Healthcare & Education and to simultaneously, transform the global population to status of 'lab-rat' within the austere divisions of what amounts to Corporate-Communism - a corporate-feudal system in which every nation is merely a 'farm' for providing wealth & power to the globalists and their sycophant minions. A world where governments amount to management-teams employed to quash rights, law & democracy by whatever means deemed 'necessary' [16].

The globalists claim to be acting on behalf of improving our species and protecting our planet. Unfortunately, we have not a single shred of evidence to support any level of faith in either their alleged, 'beneficent' objectives or their ability to fulfill any such ambitions [17].

To date, the globalists and their corporations have profited greatly via destruction of our planet and crimes against humanity and every other species of life on our Mother Earth. Rather than accept their errors or take responsibility for their crimes and render the necessary reparations, the globalists prefer to blame their captive workforces i.e. There are "too many people" [18].

This lie, the 'too-many-people' trope has been perpetuated for centuries and has formed the foundation of Eugenicist ideology to which, the globalists by an overwhelming majority, strongly adhere to. An ideology that is proven to be hopelessly defunct in face of a thoroughly ignorant 'elite' who, are so far removed from the realities of life within the criminal worlds they have created and preside over, that they have no power of accurate perception, to correctly understand the true nature of the problems our species face this day and as a result, can in no way resolve those problems - certainly, they are doomed only to make every problem even worse [19].

Do we require a degree in psychology to comprehend the dangers of handing a rape-victim to a rapist for healing & therapy? i.e. Do we trust the suspected creators of a 'deadly virus' to save us with their antidote? Are we sure that 5 years from now, it will not be clear, we are irreparably damaged and set on fulfilling the despicable edict of 'The Georgia Guidestones' - the proposed "utopia" for 'under, 5 hundred million people' [20]?

Far from needing fewer people, our planet, having paid a heavy price for every human alive, can only benefit from every pair of human hands available. We submit that just as our subjugation to corporate-slavery has served to damage ourselves and Earth, so shall our liberation from slavery to crime & criminals, serve to vastly benefit every part of our planet; who else but we-the-people are capable of cleaning up the corporate filth and establishing the foundation for Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion, where every individual is equal in the eyes of the law - a world where the child comes first and a corporation comes last - a world where a lion can be trusted to sit peacefully with a lamb?

To spare the Law/Rod is to deliver the child to ruin: Why is the Law so sparsely administered among the super-rich? Do we love our fellow-man so little, we will idly witness his soul sold to ruin and not say a word in defense of human dignity?

Without respect for law & rights, freedom cannot be.

Ours is not a plea against technology, our dispute is with those who have created and control the technology toward their own warped agendas. We submit that their ideas about re-editing human DNA are akin to a child who, on learning the ABC, arrogantly claims they now have ability to script a Shakespearean Sonnet!

The globalists as sufferers of psychopathy, narcissism and delusions of superiority, are effectively, intellectually blind and emotionally retarded - they have no ability to 'foresee' with any trustworthy degree of clarity. Such is evident in their collective actions to date; their proposed New World Order is nothing more than a return to an Old World Order as prevailed prior to the social, political & economic progressions made after World War II - except this time, with their war-driven, 21st-century technology.

It is without doubt and in face of solid evidence, we are aware that many of the legislation and associated powers created in UK & USA, are the result of bribery and blackmail: Secrets = Power to those in the know: UK PM David Cameron stated that the idea of allowing prisoners to vote made him "feel physically sick". We submit that humanity is equally sick and sickened at the prospect of having all of our future, placed in the hands of people who trade in crime and base their powers on decisions made by the criminals they protect and control [21].

Zionist-controlled Israel, as the latest and fastest-growing 'Empire' and to whom the globalists are largely beholden, base their claims to lands of other nations, on strength of ancient religious texts and in direct ignorance of 'God', as reflected within a fair and accurate interpretation of those texts; an entity of love, intelligence, mercy, kindness and forgiveness embodied by e.g. Prophets Isaiah & Mohammed and also, Jesus, as not a Roman example of 'Christian' but as a true Jew who most perfectly translates the Holy Word into a holy reality e.g. Dr Martin Luther King's dream equates to a viable and sustainable future, when the vapid fantasies of a thoroughly lawless and unethical, self-obsessed 'elite', are finally arrested by the strong arm of the law.

Bereft of law, humanity is a widow.

Certainly, the present condition of the poor, the woman & child and Earth, are a testament to that status of widowhood; with no protection of any higher power of thought/spirit, they are left for prey to the wolves & sharks of inhumane consciousness, who thrive like vultures feasting on the remains left by beasts who live not as a 'man' both male & female made in God's own image to be like God-Goddess, but as a 'kind-of-man' - a one-sided entity that has oppressed his other half and judged her 'inferior' - 'feminized' human compassion as a 'proof' his brother is 'weak' because he cares.

For over a thousand years the 'kind-of-man' has ruled on these Angel Isles now titled 'Great Britain' and 'The United Kingdom', one thousand years of tyranny under oppression via a warped and criminally ignorant construct of God & Jesus, within the context of Roman Christianity/Theft of Judaic faith & history.

He squats in The City-States of London, Washington and The Vatican, contemptuously oblivious to that power of the sword, as wielded in the hands of innocence at stroke of a pen and on balance of the scales of justice; nothing changes in this world without an imprint of human spirit through words on paper: 

Truth is the trees, wood and leaves, the words we read, the air we breathe…

…The truth shall set us free.

He calls himself a 'Patriarchy' while he is all of Oligarchy and can never aspire to anything more because he abased the Matriarchy which, he knows can never be restored without strengthening the youth to grow-up a true father to re-establish the Patriarchy and topple the tyrants from their castles-in-the-air: A Patriarch cannot exist without a Matriarch and an Oligarch cannot succeed under rule of the Father.

The Oligarchal-Tyranny has by now, infected almost every nation, has carved & divided every land, written down its lawless, corporate-rules and catapulted itself into this present-day as self-appointed 'Emperor' over what, in sight of this splendid universe, amounts to little more than a pile of dirt: Fukushima stands in solid proof as to how much damage a single corporation can inflict via its core-control over a bank, media and government of any nation [22].

The point, is that we cannot afford to ignore the truth of what has passed, we cannot ignore the lessons learned and we have no choice except, to recognize now, the inherent threat this current ruling-psychology poses against humanity and Earth via unmitigated, unregulated powers of technological prowess i.e. Genetic Engineering, Artificial Wombs and fantasies about creating their own bio-tech 'super-race' within a technocracy, that is fundamentally rooted in unlawful/ignorant judgements against life, humanity and the child as a "minor" Human Being [23].

There is no need to spell out every detail of evidence presented to support this Position Statement; let the evidence speak for itself in the words and research of James Corbett, Ryan Christian, Whitney Webb, Richard Werner, John Christensen, Vandana Shiva, Dr Michael Yeadon, Michael of Bernicia, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, Professor Christopher Exley, Vanessa Beeley, Cornel West, Robert Kennedy Jnr, Drs Carrie Madej & Vernon Coleman, Gordon Bowden, Gordon Duff - to name just a few… And in memory of all those warriors for justice throughout history, who mourned for the victims of crime, ignorance and cruel-politic-economies, that criminalize a harmless plant and legalize the "Creative Accounting" that has robbed and killed millions.

Who in their right mind, has the audacity to demand experimental, genetically modified & modifying vaccines for 7 billion people on pretext of a new virus from which, over 95% survive? And even, at direct profit to himself minus any liability whatsoever!

If a species can be that stupid, can care so little for their young and future generations, can ignore a wealth of evidence and history exposing the ongoing plots & schemes, then that species deserves the hell that awaits it.

It is true, we do need a 'reset' and it shall not be 'great', it shall be RIGHTEOUS: Arrest the fraudsters, the perjurers, the thieves and murderers of power. Stop them in their tracks because we know their only desire is to avoid the law and their responsibilities to life. Their evil philosophy of 'might=right' needs to end because it is a lie; only right = might if an intelligent species is to survive into the realization of our own quantum-light-evolution.

We demand the global-elites pay their dues not as 'taxes' but as a duty to God and the workforces that they have exploited and taxed so heavily - as Jesus explained; one side of the coin belongs to Caesar and the other side belongs to God: Where is God's half of the money? And what does God need money for if not to invest it in the people and life of our planet? Instead, this criminal elite are established today, on the proceeds of usury via interest earned through loaning God's half of the money to the slaves they stole it from!

Cancel the debts.

Repair the damages.

Heal the sick.

House the homeless.

Invest in nationalized, independent & cooperative business.

Give Justice to the widow and fatherless child

Learn to raise the towns & cities in love and the Golden Rule of Law shall be their measure.

We cannot and will not permit this Nazi-style agenda to pass because should they 'win' our species faces extinction = FACT.

The 1946 Nuremberg rules do apply [24].

When we live with knowledge, balance and in respect of Universal Law, there shall never be "too many people". The only thing there are "too many" of on this planet right now, are criminal corporations and their associated, equally criminal elites.

We say 'no' to the evil prophecy of Revelations as chosen by Rome of antiquity in defiance of Jesus's teachings and which today, appear to be the 'blue-print' guiding globalist agendas toward AI-implants, trace & tracking and threats of ever more deadly pollutants and viruses. American Evangelists & Zionists are openly anticipating arrival of the 'Messiah' who they claim, will deliver them to the "rapture" [25].

We the people of sense & sanity, balance & reason, stand by the people of Nineveh who believed in their Prophet Jonah, ordained by God to warn them of the horrors that await a lawless, ignorant people, and because they believed, they repented and begged forgiveness and because they had faith in a beneficent, lawful and righteous ruling consciousness as a true indicator of 'superiority', they cast out the ignorance that was their head-cornerstone and replaced it with compassion, that stone the builders refused and left for a stumbling-block in a world, where only psychopaths and narcissists can succeed because only they, can casually overstep their conscience to override compassion enough, to harm a child for pleasure & profit.

If the Zionists can cite God and scripture as foundation for their actions, then so too, can we-the-people and we shall soon see who has the correct interpretation.

Unlike Jonah, we shall not be downcast when the terror of Revelations does not come to pass, instead, like the people of Nineveh, we will rejoice that we are no longer lost from God/Higher-Intelligence as that quantum-light of consciousness our biology is created to host within our temple of being - a biological-testament to the glory of this amazing, universe and amid the promise of life after life in love.

Where is the 'love' in the proposed 'Great Reset'?

Where is intelligence without compassion for a light to see?

Where is the experience to justify continuance under rule of crime and tyranny?

Via their academics, the globalists theorize crimes into reality under banner of 'ethics'; from proposals to kill Downs-Syndrome children soon after birth, to suggesting it is 'ethical' to e.g. Pollute water supplies with mind-altering drugs in order to exercise greater control over a populous - there is no end to the extremes they are prepared to go toward realizing their copious and fanatical fantasies [26].

Either we the people of today, draw the line and hold the wicked to account or else, we submit to their agendas, honour their sick 'Revelations' and suffer in silence with them until the bitter end. Certainly, we are not without vision, hope, ambition and yearning to make our worlds and Earth, a better place, we have learned from history and our own lives experience; our dream is far beyond the scope and comprehension of the globalists dystopian-paranoid-delusion of a technocratic-transhuman 'Utopia'.

The pathway to Heaven begins at our Mother's feet.

Like the people of Nineveh, we do have the right to choose and just like a little child, we do have a right to ask questions - therein, is paved the way to Eden and access to Hemp the 'Tree of Life' and the wonders of Tera-Preta- these truly are, an answer to all our prayers for healthy farming and a sustainable future [27].

Our very DNA is on the line here. In hands of the globalists, the Sacred-Script of Life amounts to a Bitcoin-currency = economic cannibalism of our species as our genetic-codes literally, get monetised and fed into their machines.

For too long the voice of sense, sanity, balance, compassion and reason, has been quashed by a powerful conglomerate of vested interests in so-called 'acceptable' narratives; what chance do the common-people have, in face of the powers of a united-corporate-media funded by a World Bank - an army of polished-professional-people working for the BBC, CNN, spouting forth the scripts written by cherry-picked scientists & professors, all serving same interests?

On what foundation can we build our trust, in a world where suicides among children have risen 100%? When a child ends their life is it really 'suicide' or is it not, an externally enforced-reaction, to the abuses of emotional & psychological terrorism?

Cover the children's smiling faces with a mask. Make them stand apart in isolation. Place them under house-arrest. Tell them they are a danger to Grandma. Inject them with the latest potions from the corporate-cauldron-brew and cast them under spell of the corporatized 'new-normal'…

We submit that it is beholden on all the authorities as referenced at start of our Position Statement, to hear our case and we call on all good people of care & conscience among both rich and poor, from all walks of life, to stand with us, to bear witness against the corporate-fiction and to stand in honour of the rights and laws of humanity as creation of God/Universal-Intelligence.

The globalists have united directly through crushing the people's unions. Wealth needs poverty not just for cheap labour but for a powerless, silenced voice of conscience: It is our strength in numbers the globalists fear. They have no cares for future generations - they have no faith in our eternal-soul and they believe only in their true currency: Death & destruction.

We suggest that amnesty may be granted where appropriate, to those who find strength and courage to repent of their beliefs, crimes and/or allegiances. Forgiveness is key to setting captives free and achieving positive and lasting change: Life is for-giving.

If the Highest Courts on our Planet are incapable of issuing Judgement enough to defend the human child from insanity then, in that case, everywhere is war [28].

The criminals of power will not pass without facing a fight.

The Law of the Universe is with us like a Sword of Light.

People of Earth: Are we picking up now ?

Stand up for your Rights [29].

References of Evidence:

Some of the evidence presented is via video, many of which, are found on YouTube or other internet sites. Although this material is featured on internet-medias, this in no way detracts from the validity of evidence shared i.e. 'The Spiders Web' was not filmed specifically for YouTube.

All of the videos shared here, present a host of experts and witnesses, who have devoted many hours and years of their time and labour toward sharing important information and, it is high time their efforts were utilized to more than providing 'entertainment' and earning revenue for entities now known to be acting on behest of the same criminal powers, those videos are made to expose.

1) The Red Dagger

Secret City - A film about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it.


* Although some of the opinions included in this link are questionable, this work is included here as many of the points raised and information shared, is of importance to our case as an historical record

 Michael Parenti - The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Are We Ready To Embrace A New World Order?

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*'Leaky' Vaccines May Fuel Evolution of Deadlier Viruses

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"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world" - Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

Event 201

Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

Bill Gates is now the largest private owner of US farmland

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Moderna to start Covid vaccine trials on children as young as six months old

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10) April 2015: USA NHI Study: A cluster randomized trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers: Cloth masks make people more sick and ‘should not be recommended’

June 2015: Follow Up Study: Masks

2015: Respiratory consequences of N95-type Mask usage in pregnant healthcare workers-a controlled clinical study

Britain’s Throw Away People

Britons with life-threatening conditions denied care during pandemic

11)  UK Gov: Status of COVID-19 March 2020

It is only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated

"We Don't Debate with Anti-Vaxxers Whether They're Right Or Wrong", Says BBC

A mass screening programme of more than 10 million Wuhan residents identified 300 asymptomatic cases, but none were infectious, according to a study involving the University of East Anglia.

Escalating Suicide Rates Among School Children During COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown Period: An Alarming Psychosocial Issue

Coronavirus: Impact of domestic abuse on children in lockdown – BBC Newsnight

Almost 700,000 driven into poverty by Covid crisis in UK, study finds

Mega-rich recoup COVID-losses in record-time yet billions will live in poverty for at least a decade

12) How to tell a covidiot from a maskhole: learning the language of the pandemic

Coronavirus lockdown: Would you report people who break the rules?

PCR Tests: Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t

UK SARS-CoV-2 re-testing in staff, patients and residents in health and social care settings

13)  Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

Covid-19: Social murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant

The Spider's Web Britains Second Empire

 Brexit and the future of tax havens


14) The Corporation - Documentary

COVID-19 – Evidence of Fraud, Medical Malpractice, Acts of Domestic Terrorism and Breaches of Human Rights

Tough on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR


REPORT: EU Planning “Vaccination Passport” Since 2018

Employers could insist all staff get vaccinated under health and safety law

A century of corporate takeovers: What have we learned and where do we stand?

On the issue of defining ignorance:

15) Tracking down John Bell: how the case of the Oxford professor exposes a transparency crisis in government

‘COVID-19 bailouts’: The great corporate rescue at any price?

COVID–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown

Rishi Sunak refuses to say if he will profit from Moderna Covid vaccine. Chancellor’s former hedge fund invested heavily in Moderna, which had 94.5% trial success

Mass surveillance by another name [Secret Crimes]

New rules for MI5 and police to authorise crimes

With UK police under fire, Boris Johnson pushes new bill that could end peaceful protests

Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

16) GEO-ECONOMICS AND GEO-POLITICS DRIVE SUCCESSIVE ERAS OF PREDATORY GLOBALIZATION AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING: Historical emergence of climate change, gender equity, and anti-racism as State doctrines

17) Covid-19 and the climate crisis are part of the same battle

The Great Reset, a Green Veneer for Fake Climate and Environmental Action

18) World's top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates

More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas

Japan fishermen oppose 'catastrophic' release of Fukushima water to ocean

19) Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

Depopulation: Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

Creative self-destruction: the climate crisis and the myth of ‘green’ capitalism

Why India’s expert panel rejected Pfizer plea for emergency use nod to its Covid vaccine

20+ Countries Suspend AstraZeneca Vaccine While EU & WHO Keep Pushing It As “Safe & Effective”

COVID-19 Fatality Rate “Worst Miscalculation” in Human History – PhD Student in Epidemiology

20) The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin

Georgia Guidestones

21) 15 Years Later: How U.K. Whistleblower Katharine Gun Risked Everything to Leak Damning Iraq War Memo

PM: Giving prisoners vote makes me feel sick

Bill Gates had a closer relationship with Jeffrey Epstein than he admitted, The New York Times reports

The Shocking Spy Story Behind The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Revealed In "EPSTEIN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES"

Ex-Israeli Spy Claims Jeffrey Epstein Blackmailed Politicians For Israel's Mossad


The Finchley Road Fraud story

22) Lessons From Fukushima Powerpoint Presentation on Media Censorship and Crisis Communication

Fukushima Meltdown! "China Syndrome"

New type of fallout from Fukushima Daiichi found a decade after nuclear disaster

Fukushima news 3-15-2021 NEW Data From Japan "Record-breaking RADIOACTIVITY" Confirms Kevin D blanch

23) Wearable/Implantable Nanotech Is Your New Normal & Experimental COVID Injections Are Its Fast-Track

Transhumanism - Toward a Futurist Philosophy


‘Parents can look at their foetus in real time’: are artificial wombs the future?

The world's first artificial womb for humans

"I Have a Dream," Address Delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Dr Martin Luther King

24) Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr. Carrie Madej - Crucial Medical Doctor Concerns On The Forthcoming COVID-19 Vaccine

Censorship in Canada? Vanessa Beeley’s talks on Syria

Nazi Experiments: The Ethical Considerations of Medical Experimentation on Human Subjects

Nurmberg December 9, 1946: Opening Statement in the Doctors Trial by  Brig. General Telford Taylor

25) On the Road to Armageddon How evangelicals became Israel's best friend.

Chris Hedges & Abby Martin: Trump, the Alt-Right & Christianized Fascism

Waiting for the Messiah: Netanyahu Addresses Evangelical Christian Gathering in Jerusalem

Israeli Rabbi Says He’s Already Holding Meetings With Messiah

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Israel declares it is above the law

Why Zionism has always been a racist ideology

26) Killing Newborn Babies No Different To Abortion, Say Medical Ethicists

‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert

27) Vandana Shiva - Two Paths to the Future of Food and Farming - EcoFarm 2020 Keynote

How Bolivia fights fascism - It takes more than the ballot box

Terra Preta:How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger

Terra Preta Sanitation 1 - Background, Principles and Innovations

Imagine hemp for a moment... What comes to mind?

Hemp For Our Future

13 Reasons why Industrial Hemp is the Crop of the Future

28) Haile Selassie's address to the United Nations, 1963,_1963

29) Bob Marley - Get Up, Stand Up (Live at Munich, 1980)


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